Rebecca Huxley


Rebecca Huxley is an artist, curator and researcher working in London



— Rebecca Huxley is an artist, researcher and curator living in London. Go to CV.


Research & Writing

Masters in Research Architecture at the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, entering year two, 2018-2019. 

Current projects:
FUTURELAND - forthcoming screenings at HET NIEUWE INSTITUUT and Venice Biennale
Footnotes - contributor to forthcoming publication with Oficina de Disseny, Barcelona.

Prior to this, research work is centred in user experience and collections research. There is satisfaction in looking for new patterns in the way everyday people interact with culture, technology and each other – a simple methodology I've used to help shape products, services and ideas for tech companies, cultural organisations and museums.


Selected Projects



observable universe


in search of darkness


occultations I




Practice & Curation

As a practice-based researcher, my research and work as an artist naturally interweave. I am also an artist and co-dirctor of Lumen, an art and science collective based in St John on Bethnal Green Church, a 19th century building designed by Sir John Soane. Our studio is located in The Crypt, a unique cavernous space which we use throughout the year to curate talks, seminars, science fairs, exhibitions and other unique events. We work with a number of high profile organisations including Impossible Project, Bluedot Festival, Green Man Festival, British Science Association, International Space University and more in the realm of art or science, on commissions, seminars and exhibitions.

Forthcoming September - November 2018

Huxley, R. 'Observable Universe', Footnotes, Oficina de Disseny, Barcelona
'Placed either at the end of the page, a chapter or a book, footnotes affect the body of a text without being within it. From the margins, footnotes operate as powerful tools to unwrap and expand a key concept, context, give space to a shadowy information, to expose a methodological approach, highlight a discovered source, acknowledge an external contribution, set the limits of a text, redirect the reader, and more. By inverting the figure-ground relation, we aim to give space to material that keeps haunting our research projects from the outside.'

Group Shows
27 September to 1 October - MA Research Architecture Degree Show, Goldsmiths, London, UK
15 September to 4 October - In Search of Darkness, Grizedale, UK. Generously supported by Lush Project Fund.

Previous work